"Honest man running this shop. He has a wealth of knowledge and he charges a reasonable price for his services.
If you need a repair on your mercedes transmission, you NEED to go to Ted Reich of Transmeister."    Angela L.


"Great service and value!
I had my '95 E320 transmission rebuilt at 192K miles and 15K miles later, the transmission is great. No problems at all. Great shop, highly recommended." by MrGST2u - Posted 08/15/2008 (from

"A++++ service and honest. I took my 02 mercedes in today to have them check my car because of a possible transmission problem. They properly diagnose it and fix at a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend this place." by Anthony - posted 4/5/11 (from 

"Ted really is one of the best in fixing transmission on German cars, and I shopped around.  He quoted an originally higher price but when he investigated the problem, and when I told him how much a competitor was charging, his price became very reasonable.  He was honest too, and the final amount came out to LESS than the estimate.  He was clear in explaining what was wrong." by Soo V. La Habra - posted 11/19/12 (from

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